When developing a social media strategy for SEO purposes, you don’t want to neglect Google+. It’s just as important as Facebook, Twitter, and all of the other major social media giants. Some businesses have been seeing an increase in traffic through Google+ and a reduction in traffic from Facebook. There are now more than 500 million people who interact socially with Google products every single month. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to reach out to half a billion people.

G+ also differs from other social media platforms because it is actually part of the search engine giant’s infrastructure. Facebook actually restricts search engines from accessing a lot of its data, making its SEO potential limited.

Here are some tips on using Google+ for increasing your SEO efforts and getting more traffic.

– Make sure your G+ title tags are optimized. The first sentence of a post is included as part of the title tag. Since it will be the first thing most users see, you will want to choose the keyword carefully. If the post is shared and has a good title, it has a good shot at ranking for the keyword you use.

– Create intriguing, interactive posts. Google allows you to prompt your audience to take a certain action. Not only can you decide how you want your content to be shared, you can create a call-to-action for every post. There is a list of actions you can choose from, which will automatically embed in your post. A few examples include: Sign Up for Newsletter, Watch Video, Add to Cart, etc. Take advantage of these tools and try to interact with your audience!

– Add the Google+ Follow button to your profile. You can use any anchor text when you embed followed links into your own bio. You can also link to your other profiles on the internet. The Follow button is a widget that is easy to add in profile designs. Another great thing about G+ is that it allows you to link to your other social media profiles on the internet.

– Make good use of your unlimited editing possibilities. Being able to go back and edit any of your posts sets Google+ apart from other social media platforms. It’s more like a blogging platform in that you have the ability to fully edit all of your past posts at any time. If any of your old posts are outdated, you can simply update them to keep up with current trends. You can also go back and try a different keyword strategy.

– Try to connect with possible influencers. There are more than a dozen notification triggers available through Google+ that can help you connect with people in your industry who could be influential or helpful. These triggers include everything from mentioning authority figures in your industry in a post to commenting on photos that they have also commented on. Whenever you perform any of the triggers, that individual or company will be notified. Having connections with authority figures in your industry can be helpful with SEO. However, you will want to be careful and even somewhat subtle so that you don’t cross any “spam” lines.

Since Google is the main search engine that people want to optimize for, it makes sense to spend a lot of time on Google+, as it provides more opportunities to rank than other social media platforms.

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