A few years ago it was sufficient that companies had a decent looking website and perhaps a bit of SEO. The words “online marketing company” were rarely even mentioned on the marketing budget. Today however, online marketing companies play a crucial role in a business’s online success.

Online Marketing Company: Why Use One?

Why? Well first because print ads and print directories are in decline. More and more people are turning to their computer or mobile device to find information about a company. I think that the last time I used a phone book, it was to prop up my computer monitor a little higher – I don’t even remember the last time that I used a phone book to actually look up a telephone number.

Still not convinced? Then consider this. 79% of adults in North America use the internet. 78% of those people research products online. Businesses that use blogs, bring in 55% more traffic to their websites. Basically, if you are not marketing your business online, then you are leaving money on the table.

So we’ve established that online marketing is becoming more important while other forms of marketing are in decline. But even so, does that mean your business needs to hire an online marketing company? After all, aren’t many web marketing tools freely available to the general public that are fairly easy to use? Couldn’t a business just do their e-marketing in-house if they wanted?

Can I Do Marketing In-House?

Well, perhaps some can. However most business owners underestimate the amount of time that their internet marketing efforts will take. Also, while learning to do web marketing may be easy – learning to perfect it and do it well is not. The internet has a huge amount of competition – companies who have been doing online marketing very well for a very long time. Go into that dog fight without the proper know-how, and you could end of expending a lot of time and resources with little to no results to show for it. Or worse, if you don’t know what you’re doing you might inadvertently break one of Google’s strict rules and end up getting your website banned from the search results.

So hiring a web marketing company is a huge benefit to businesses because the professionals that you will be working with are already familiar with the best strategies and tactics to get your business website more traffic and customers.

Furthermore, an online marketing company will be able to customize an online marketing strategy to your business as they will take into consideration your industry, your target customer and your specific goals.

Measuring return on investment is just as important in internet marketing as it is in traditional advertising. One big advantage that e-marketing has however is that progress and ROI can be measured at just about any stage of the process. That means that if something isn’t working as well as it could, it can be modified to give you better results. Measuring success should be a part of any internet marketing company’s proposal to you.

So does your business need to hire a marketing company for their online needs? If you want to drive more traffic to your website and generate more sales via the web, then the answer is absolutely!

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