When we look at the popularity of social media in the year 2015, it just makes us wonder how big an impact will it create in the next year. It is now time to tweak our social media marketing strategies keeping in mind the trends and user behavior of 2015 on social media.

1. Social Media Will Become An Important Part At All Stages Of The Buying Process

Marketers are no more focusing only on the awareness stage and the purchase cycle. They are now increasing their spend towards the entire buyer journey. In addition to that, social media is playing a bigger role in all the stages of buying cycle as social media are now emerging as the medium for multi-tasking across all the stages of the buying cycle.

2. Buy Buttons Will Enable Social Selling

It is no secret that social media has been instrumental in driving eCommerce sales, however Pinterest and Instagram will take it to the next level come 2016. They have both launched their own buy buttons in this year, thus providing enhanced ways to the eCommerce brands to reach the target audience. These buttons will directly allow the users to buy the products through the app or the platform. It will be interesting to observe how online sales will get a major boost with the help of these two channels. When you hire a social media expert, ensure that they are aware about these updates in the social media marketing sphere.

3. Social Advertising Will Be Vital For All Brands

There will be a very thin line between public relations and media teams as social advertising will take a major position in all marketing initiatives. Both the teams will ensure that they fulfill the requirements of the message from the content’s perspective, however with data that is derived from research and audience analysis to create a scalable advertising campaign.

4. Content Will Be Even More Personalized

Personalization will create greater relevancy that will boost the engagement rate of your content. The user is overwhelmed with a powerhouse of information on the search engine result pages. Even they have become smart and know very well by the look of it that which content will be relevant and which one is not. With content marketing being one of the pillars of all online marketing components, this powerhouse will only get intense in 2016 with fans becoming increasingly choosy.

5. Facebook Will Become A Publishing Platform

Facebook will be discovering new ways to provide value to the users so that they would stay engaged on their channel. This has been done in several ways in the past, however they are in the process of beta-testing the feature called “Instant Articles” – a service that will allow third-party content to entirely appear on Facebook so that the audience don’t have to go to an external source to view the article. They have also created a revenue sharing model, to ensure that the users stay in the Facebook sphere to consume the content.

6. Search Become Social

With Facebook already performing tests to start its own search engine, it is predicted that search will now travel beyond Google and its other counterparts. These new features that Facebook plans to add are meant to keep the users within its own network without feeling the need to go elsewhere. Facebook is planning to steal the attention of all those who are using other features of the Internet.


2016 is going to be a mixed bag of some proven social media techniques and some revolutionary advancements that is completely going to turn the social media sphere 360 degree. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see which techniques are highly successful in bringing online marketing success.

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