6 Ideas For Conversion Focused Website Design

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How to Achieve High Conversion Rates?

It doesn’t matter if you have the best-looking layout in the world, if it’s not designed with a focus on consumers, you probably won’t make much money. The internet is getting more and more crowded every single day. How do you get consumers to buy from your website rather than those of your competitors?

You do it with conversion-focused design and proper search engine optimization. Here are some ways you can increase the conversion rate with web design:

– Determine the best place for your CTA (click-through action). Should you place it above the fold? At the bottom of the page? Below the fold? Towards the center of the page? The only one who can figure this out is you. Use A/B testing to figure out which version of the page has the ideal CTA placement.

– Follow user-ability principles. Make your website friendly and easy to use for every visitor. They must be able to access all of the functions and elements in order to have a good experience. The contact form, for instance, should be easy to fill out and submit. If you are selling products, the shopping cart and checkout process should be user-intuitive. Keep in mind that many internet users these days access the web via smartphone or tablet, so it’s ideal that your site run smoothly on all platforms.

– You will want to encourage, but not force, visitors to share information with you. This way, you will be able to get some leads. Offer some sort of incentive to visitors for filling out a mailing list form. Put social media links on each page so that users can share the information if they find it interesting. Search engine webmaster tools and remarketing campaigns will help you gather information about visitors so that you can provide them with a more focused experience in the future.

– Don’t cram too much into the design. For starters, too much content can cause a site to run slowly. Also, it’s more difficult to read a page with very little white space. If content looks all smooshed together and disorganized, visitors might not even want to bother trying to make sense out of it. As a result, you’ll end up with a high bounce rate and low conversion rate.

– Provide a sense of urgency. If you are selling a popular product, highlight a statement that “Only a few left at this low price!” or “Sign up for the newsletter while this information is still available”. If done correctly, this psychology-based principle will help increase leads and hopefully conversions, as people will be more likely to take action now rather than just bookmarking your site and sitting on the decision for awhile.

– Put a lot of thought into colour selection. Don’t leave this decision to the designers. Think about how certain colours may affect human psychology. The colours you choose for your site should also be easy on the eyes. Don’t blind your visitors! Even if they do want to stick around, they might not be able to if the design is hurting their eyes.

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