How To Turn Your Social Media Followers Into Customers

Turn Social Media Followers Into Customers

Aspect Of Online Business

Your social media fans and followers are an important aspect of your online business. They are your brand advocates and share your products, write reviews and convert their friends into your customers. There are different types of followers that you’ll find on your social media pages. The way you deal with each of them will determine whether they remain followers or turn into loyal brand advocates.

The Quiet Follower

These are the people on social media who are aware of your business, but are not your clients yet. They probably like your brand because their friends do. Quiet followers are not detrimental to your business in any way, but neither do they improve it. You can turn quiet followers into customers by creating appealing contentand finishing this up with strong calls to action.

The Casual Liker

These are the people who have most likely engaged with your brand before as your customers. Since then, they act as sources of recommendations to their friends through sharing of your posts and so forth. However, they are unlikely to become customers again unless you come up with new and exciting products. In order to turn the casual liker into a customer, you need to stay fresh and exciting in the products you are offering.

The Deal Seeker

For the deal seeker, the focus is mainly on the value they are getting from a particular product or service. Loyalty is not a huge consideration for them. In order to rope the deal seeker in, you need to come up with great discounts, promotions and appreciation deals. This will keep them coming back and they might even bring along their quiet follower friends with them.

The Ranter

The Ranter is the social media critic of your brand. They have strong opinions regarding your products and/or service, and are a potential detriment to your business. The best way to turn this social media follower into a customer is to engage them in meaningful discussions and answer any questions and concerns they have regarding your business. Take care not to digress into discussions outside of your brand.

The Unhappy Customer

It is no use pitching a story and expecting the third party to do all the research and fill it up for you. You should facilitate the ease with which they compile and get all needed information. You need factsheet, videos, pictures and any helpful background information. This makes your story more appealing to write and the help appreciated while you become effective in getting out the information you want.

The Cheerleader

This is one of your greatest asset as far as your brand’s social media presence goes. They will share your posts, recommend your product, enter your promotions and contests and engage with you in the comments sections. The best way to keep the cheerleader interested in your brand is to ensure that you keep creating content that is worth all their hype.

The Loyal Customer

This follower recommends your product to their online and offline friends. They offer valuable criticism and praise in equal measure and are very quick to defend your brand against trolls (including, The Ranter). Customer appreciation initiatives and engaging dialogue will keep the loyal customer interested in your brand for a long time.


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