Why To Consider A Live Chat Feature On E-Commerce Site?

Providing Good Customer Service

Benefits of Offering A Live Chat Feature On Your E-commerce Site?

No matter what kind of store you run, providing good customer service is essential. Even if you have an intuitive, user-friendly website with an FAQ section, you still must provide some way for visitors to get in touch with you. You never know what kind of questions or concerns they might have. One of the best methods of providing good customer service is live chat. It’s being made available on more and more websites. Don’t worry – you won’t be expected to chat with everybody yourself. Online stores either hire customer service representatives or outsource the work. The system is set up to allow people to type in their question or problem into a live chat window, where they will be assisted by the next available associate.


There are many benefits of offering this type of system. Some of the reasons why you should consider it are:

– Because it’s a fast and economical way to improve your customer service and increase your sales without compromising quality. If anything, it enhances the quality of your website.

– Many online shoppers prefer live chat since it gives them a chance to get help in real time. Being able to talk to customers when they are in the mood to shop is a great way to increase sales. If they have to wait around for you to reply to their email, they might give up and go somewhere else to shop.

– While phone calls are instant as well, a lot of people don’t like having to talk on the phone with people they don’t know. Live chatting is preferred because it is more impersonal and can be done anonymously.

– A live help support system is actually less costly than a telephone support line. You can save several dollars per customer, depending on which service(s) you are using.

– With a live chatting system, you can receive priceless customer feedback during and after help sessions. You will gain insight as to what customers need and require. Having this knowledge will allow you to make improvements to your site and to enhance customer experience.

– It’s easier to deal with an upset customer via chat than phone. On the phone, you might not be able to get a word in if the customer is busy complaining about something. When chatting, you can simply type out what you need to say or paste a pre-written script.

– Another benefit is multitasking. When your associates are involved in an online chat, they can do other work in between messages. This is something they are unable to do while on the phone. Customers would rather wait a minute to receive a response back in a chat than be put on hold on the phone. The ability to multitask increases overall productivity.

– You get the competitive advantage. While you have the customer engaged in a live chat, they will remain on your site. If you answer their questions and make them happy, they will be more likely to buy from your store. Even if they don’t, they will still appreciate the good customer service and bookmark your site.

In summary, both you and the customer benefit from live chat, so there is no reason NOT to invest in it.

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