Optimizing Website For Voice Search

Optimizing Website For Voice Search

Top Ranking For Voice Search

In recent years, voice search has grown as web masters seek for ways to optimize their pages for this kind of search. More and more people now prefer using their voices instead of manually typing their queries using their mobile phones. So how can you ensure that your website still maintains a top ranking for voice search? Below are a few tips to help you get started.

Understand How Google Interprets Human Words

Google will place different meanings for search queries that are made using voice search. In some cases, it will provide a very straightforward answer by listing landing pages that have information regarding what the user has requested. This means that web masters should aim at answering user queries in their content.

Use Natural Language In Content

Get rid of the promotional jargon and technical phrases that are heavily loaded on your website content and instead opt for natural language that people use. Think of what people would say when looking for a product or service that you offer. This should help you in coming up with proper keywords that you can optimize the web pages for voice search. Though these keywords are likely to be longer and have low search volumes, they can make it easier for you to target relevant audiences on voice search. Voice search is known to help businesses boost brand awareness and enhance visibility.

Choose Words That Can Be Pronounced Correctly

Poor pronunciations may hinder your web pages performance on voice search. For this reason, you need to ensure that any important words you choose for your product or service can be pronounced correctly. If the users find it difficult to pronounce certain brand names, it becomes hard for the products to appear on voice search. Think through your product names and brand name because they will have an impact on conversions if customers aren’t very comfortable pronouncing them aloud to their friends.

Invest In Descriptive And Textual Content

Whenever you upload any kind of content on your web pages, whether images, video or text, ensure that you use detailed descriptions to explain the “how”, “when” and “why”. You need to be able to fulfill the how to needs of shoppers by posting content that is based on frequently asked questions. Make sure your site is able to answer questions regarding your product or service so as to reduce the resources spent responding to the same queries. Make sure you also use natural language when answering these questions. Add links, calls to action and make sure the pages are easy to navigate so that you can convert more people when you get them through voice search.

Most importantly, pay attention to your title tag and meta descriptions. These are very critical in any SEOscenario. You need to ensure that the title tag and description tag are easy to understand and displays information that adds value to the user. This will increase the chances of users clicking on the search results and landing on your web page.

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