6 Pay Per Click Advertisement Tips For Startups

Pay Per Click Advertisement

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Pay per click advertisement for start-ups might seem overwhelming at first. While it may even appear to be a straightforward process at first, it absolutely is NOT. It’s a never ending process that requires market research, testing, website optimizing, ad optimizing, keyword research, etc.  If done correctly, it can kickstart your business. PPC advertising can be a great way to draw attention to your new company.

Pay Per Click Advertisement Tips for Startups

– First, you need to actually learn about PPC and how it works. This may seem obvious, but many people make the mistake of just jumping right in without first taking the time to do the relevant research. Some of the things you will want to learn include how the bidding works, how to identify the right keywords, which tools to use, how to do testing.

– When creating ads, make sure they express what your business offers in terms of helping people. The landing page should express this as well. If you simply want to use PPC as a way to push product or services, you won’t be as successful. How can you expect people to click on your ad, visit your site, and buy from you if you don’t first offer them a reason to? Even though your ultimate goal is to make a sale, you should first put your focus on building trust with your target audience.

– Make sure that you conduct some keyword research. There are plenty of tools to help you. Put yourself in the mind of one of your potential customers. What are the exact words they would type in the search engine if they were interested in finding the type of solutions your website can help solve?

– Once you have your keywords, you’ll have to decide on which ones to bid. Do NOT bid on every single last keyword. Start with a small amount. It’s easier to do tests and to identify what works when you’re not trying out a large list of keywords. Also, there is no point in breaking the bank with a large list before your campaign even gets off the ground!

– Know when to keep an ad and when not to keep an ad. Never jump to conclusions when it comes to pay per click advertisement. Just because an ad isn’t performing well right now doesn’t mean it won’t in the future, and vice versa. Data takes time to accumulate. Search trends come and go. Part of running a successful campaign is knowing when to pull an ad and when to simply pause it.

– Testing and tracking go hand and hand, so you will need to track what you test. While you will want to test ads and track visitors and conversions, you don’t want to test every single variable at once. If you do this, you won’t be able to identify precisely what needs to be eliminated and what needs to stay. You won’t need fancy equipment to do tracking. AdWords, Google Analytics, and Excel are good, simple tools to start with.

Finally, don’t feel discouraged if you aren’t seeing conversions right away. Even if you are doing everything right with pay per click advertising, the most important thing is to build trust with your targeted consumers – and this takes time. Get their interest right now, and watch for more sales down the road.

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