5 E-commerce Stores With Impressive Shopping Experience

E-commerce Websites

Following a Few Basic Rules

Coming up with an e-commerce stores that attracts massive audiences, keeps them engaged and leads to conversions, is never easy. But following a few basic rules such as keeping the checkout process as simple as possible and using proper typography can make a big difference. We are going to review a few e-commerce websites that have gotten the design aspect right.

Big Cartel

This online shop has really maximized the use of rich earthy colors. They also have invested in stunning photography and very short and precise descriptions. The checkout process is simple and straightforward. Only few steps and you are done which keeps users fully engaged and not bored. The e-commerce shop has also very clean and easy to use web forms.

Le Col De Claudine

This is one e-commerce website that fashion brands may want to learn from. First, it has stunning photographs from the home page to product pages. The photos showcase the different items available at the store in the best light. They also have a very simple checkout process. There are no lengthy steps to detract the user from the subject. We absolutely love the hover effect on the website when you hover the mouse on any fashion piece. The prices will only appear when you hover.


We love the use of black and white photography in this ecommerce shop. The shop has a very elegant and clean design. You can quickly tell that you are dealing with a high-end brand when you visit this ecommerce store. The checkout process is so easy, you just need to fill in information that has been summed up in a single page. The product images have a very interesting effect when you hover. You can view more details and the numerous photographs uploaded for each item in the store.

Appliances Online

Ao.com offers one of the most pleasant shopping experiences we’ve ever come across. First, the customer can check out the features of each item and easily compare it with another item. The two items will appear in a table with their features side by side to make comparisons easy. They also provide video reviews for their clients to watch and make informed decisions. The checkout process is also very easy to follow through. It allows customers to find what they need and get it fast.


Walmart recently revamped their website to enhance the shopping experience for customers. Products on the Walmart website are very nicely organized. The site has also chosen a very ideal typography that doesn’t make items look cluttered. Customers can go through reviews and rate them as being helpful or not helpful. The checkout process is also very simple and well-summarized. You are only going to see what is necessary to complete the process and buy. The data that is required is not so overwhelming to users and it has been properly separated in manageable chunks. You can easily add a new item to the cart and continue shopping. We also love the layout of this ecommerce website.

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