Nova Solutions Highlighted as Top Canadian Agency

These days, advertisers are everywhere. Brands are consistently placing themselves in front of consumers on Google searches, social media ads, billboards, TV commercials, and more. With a sea of marketing content surrounding each target market, it’s an immense challenge to make your brand heard.The only solutions to this scenario seems to be to take a... Read more »

Nova Solutions Clinches Top Accolades

At any given moment, millions of websites are vying to be on the first page of a Google search engine list when someone wants to look up a product or service. What can a business owner do to improve their odds of connecting with a potential customer? This is the scenario that makes Nova Solutions... Read more »

Nova Solutions Participated In The Annual Young Entrepreneurs Conference

On March 14th 2017, Nova Solutions participated in the annual Young Entrepreneurs Conference hosted by the Digital Enterprise Management Society at the University of Toronto Mississauga. The participants of the event included young entrepreneurs, business students, and partners such as TD, Robert Half Technology, Spotify, Investors Group, TEDx, Awake, and many more. The Young Entrepreneur Conference... Read more »

We Sent 750 Organic Clicks To 7 URLs And Here’s What Happened

While Moz and WordTracker have covered the impact of organic click-through rates on the SERPs, we have yet to publish raw data showing our findings, until now.   The theory revolves around the fact that if more people click to your website, and stay on your website (rather than clicking the back button), should you... Read more »

Video Production | Showreel 2015

The average internet user watches over 30 online videos every month.That’s average, some watch many more—think about your own habits and the habits of the people you know. Younger demographics tend to watch more.Do you think it would have a positive impact on your business if your video was one of those 30? YouTube is... Read more »

How Healthy is Your Magento Store?

Magento undoubtedly is one of the best platforms one can opt for their ecommerce business. Designed for a user friendly interface, easy installation and ability to incorporate endless add-ons and Magento plugins, it provides for a complete shopping package of an ecommerce store. However, the overall performance of an e-store is not just restricted to... Read more »

Nova Solutions | Premier Google Partner

We are excited to announce that Nova Solutions is now a Premier Google Partner! What exactly does that mean? It means Google recognizes Nova Solutions as one of its most valued agencies. Becoming a premier partner with Google means we now have company specializations, a new way to showcase our AdWords product expertise and connect... Read more »

Nova Hiring: eCommerce Sales Executive

As a leading digital agency in Canada, Nova Solutions specializes in Magento eCommerce solutions for its clients. We offer flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions designed to help our clients grow and succeed online. Our cost-effective technology platform makes it possible for our clients to control the content, functionality, and look and feel of their online store.Essential... Read more »

Meet Our Clients: Tutor Bright | Video Production

At Nova Solutions we are very proud of the results we get for our clients by creating custom client specific digital strategies that by design, help them build their brand, sales and profits. We truly value each of our client relationships however in this article we will be talking about a national provider of in-home... Read more »

Meet Our Clients: All Canadian Storage | Video Production

Working with Clients you admire makes doing business with industry leading companies like All Canadian Storage very enjoyable. Their unwavering focus on their business and their clients has them constantly looking for ways to innovate their business. Whether it is the many different storage sizes they offer to meet their diverse clientele needs or their... Read more »
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