What are the main stages of a website design?

As a Toronto Digital Marketing company creating a website design is one of our most important tasks in order to get your website noticed online and generate traffic. The design phase is the ultimate first step to complete your site and get it launched online for viewers to see. As this is the very first stage in the process, it’s extremely important to follow these steps so that it’s done correctly and to ensure that all of your expectations and demands are met. We’ve listed three of our key steps that we always use in order to complete the design process all while including the clients perspective.

Sitemap and Guidelines

At the beginning stages we always want to map out and provide a full structure of the website. Most of the time it will include how the pages will be laid out, the navigation of the overall website design, which pages you want as the focus on your website, the most logical and user-friendly design for users to be able to access and manage through the pages on your website and the overall focus of your business.

We often take this time to come up with the best strategy for the design while implementing our clients perspective as well as the potential leads that will visit the website. It’s important to note that building the strategy should revolve around the users experience from the moment they arrive to the main page of your website and the users journey throughout.

Screen Blueprint

In the Blueprint stage, we focus on providing and building each individual page of the site. This allows us to build the structure from the ground up such as where the header, text, and images will be located on that specific page. At this stage of the website design process we focus on the structure and not specifically the design as we need to ensure the pages correlate to each other and provide a flow to one another.

Website Design

The final step is to include the website design into each of the pages that we had mapped out. This is the step that brings the entire website together starting with the main page and moving on to the others. The website design stage is set up to incorporate the brand colors, content, and to ensure that it has the brand’s look and feel to all of the pages that we have built in the previous stages.

When building a brand new website from the ground up it requires many steps and revisions in order to perfect the website design and ensure we are including all of our clients’ perspectives to meet and exceed their expectations. These steps ensure that the design is done properly without overlooking any small detail or factor. Are you looking at rebranding or redesigning your website? Get in touch with us today to find out how our team can help you build and launch a beautiful new website!

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