The Benefits Of Bing Advertising

Bing Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Market

Online businesses sometimes forget that Google AdWords isn’t the only option in the pay-per-click market. Only about half the advertisers who use AdWords also use Bing Advertising. It’s a shame that many webmasters still don’t use it, as it offers its fair share of benefits as well. Bing ads reach millions of users on the Yahoo/Bing Network. That’s millions of potential customers you are missing out on by using only AdWords.

Here are some other reasons why you don’t want to miss out on Bing Advertising opportunities.

– The process is easy to setup, as Bing Ads have a feature that allow users to make important campaigns directly from AdWords with the use of the adCenter Desktop tool. All you need to do is enter your AdWords login information, including the account number, and follow the steps outlined in the tool.

– You can save money thanks to cheaper cost per clicks (CPC) and less competition. In some industries, the CPC is as much as 59% lower in Bing ads than Google AdWords. Cheaper bids means that you will be able to afford more clicks, and more clicks means more traffic and higher conversions.

– Bing’s Display Network offers advertisers the chance to run campaigns across the Yahoo! And Microsoft display networks. Microsoft has a “performance offerings” feature within its display network that can be purchased by advertisers on a cost per click basis rather than the cost per impression basis.

– Using Microsoft Advertising also enables you to reach out to audiences on XBOX Live and MSN’s television networks. XBOX gaming consoles are found in millions of households across Canada.

– Bing’s Universal Event Tracking platform is a simple, yet dynamic campaign measurement tool that allows advertisers to track important conversion goals. With the UET solution, you’ll find that determining ROAs isn’t difficult at all. You’ll get a deep insight into bounce rates, duration per visit, pages per visit, campaign performance, etc. Tracking various conversion activities will enable you to make improvements to your investment.

– Bing offers a number of extensions to enhance your PPC ad visibility and to help you connect with potential customers. SiteLink extensions help visitors to instantly connect with the exact information or product they are looking for. Location extensions make it easier to connect with local consumers. Enabling this extension in your campaign will enable the ad to display contact information, including your business address.

– You can filter search partners with Bing Advertising. You get the option to exclude certain networks from your campaigns or ad groups if you find that the conversion rate for that search partner is too low. Stats are found under Bing Ads – Reports – Standard reports – Performance – Publisher.

– With Bing, time zones can be set at both the campaign level and the account level. This is a great benefit if you have an international business and want to run multiple campaigns in various time zones. Daylight saving time is taken into consideration for the time zones supporting it.

Keep in mind that the lower market share with Bing means that you will ultimately have a lower search volume, so you might not drive a bunch of traffic in some instances. However, Bing Advertising still offers the aforementioned benefits and should be considered as part of your PPC plan.

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