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Examples of Visualization Tools that Can Make your Data More Appealing

Turn your raw data into something appealing and user friendly

Data visualization tools come in handy when you want to add some flair and visual appeal to raw data. These tools can make data appealing and even easier for users to comprehend. We’ll go over a few free data visualization tools that you can use to make your raw data not only appealing but also more user-friendly.


This is arguably the most popular data visualization tool available today. With this tool, you can come up with simple and complex graphs and charts using technologies like HTML and CSS. It’s a great tool to use if cross-platform compatibility is one of your main goals. However, D3 will only work with modern browsers after IE9.


If you are looking for a data visualization tool that will give you a good number of charts and maps to choose from, this is it. This has been incorporated numerous times in modern web design Toronto. It has more than 960 maps and 90 charts plus supports some of the oldest browsers, unlike D3. This particular tool is mostly recommended for JSON and XML data formats. You can start with the free trial where you can use all of their charts for free until you sign up.


If you have data in a CSV file that you would want to interpret, Datawrapper can help you to come up with a very interactive chart that simplifies the raw data. It’s very easy to use since you just upload the file and select the type of chart you want to create. This visualization tool has often been used by journalists in news articles and other people who aren’t so techie. In fact, it’s the most recommended data visualization tool to use for people who are not very tech savvy.


Another data visualization tool that you should try out is Raw. This one is built of D3.js platform and is very simple to use. There are 16 chart types that you can easily select after uploading your data. One of the best features of this particular tool is that it enables you to customize your charts. You can even come up with your own custom layouts using this tool.

Timeline JS

If you’re looking for a tool to develop very interactive visual timelines, this is the perfect one to use. Timeline JS allows you to display a chunk of information in a very simple and visually appealing manner. Using this tool, you can present a lot of information using a small area and make it appealing to your web users.

Google Charts

This visualization tool is very easy to use and compatible with all browsers and platforms. Using this tool, you can create some of the simplest graphs and the most complex treemaps which means it is ideal for almost any kind of project you can think of. Google Charts offers a variety of charts and visualizations that are very easy to pull off.


One thing that stands out about Flot compared to other data visualization tools is that it has very clean charts and graphs. If you want a touch of elegance in data visualizations and graphs, use this tool. There’s a huge active community of Flot users who make the tool even easier to use.

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