Is PPC Advertising Right for My Business and What Do I Get for My Investment?

PPC Advertising Over SEO Marketing

PPC Marketing Campaign

PPC Advertising has a number of advantages over SEO marketing. If your business is relatively new in the industry, chances are it could take a long time for your website to get a decent ranking organically through SEO strategies.

PPC Advertising on the other hand, can get you a top spot relatively quickly – provided that you’re willing to pay for it.

Marketing Budget

If you have a marketing budget that can incorporate PPC Advertising, consider how much of your business is already conducted or at least started when someone visits your website and how this compares with other businesses in your sector. If you are doing less online business than your competitors, then using a PPC marketing campaign may be a good way to boost your sales. Once you decide to go with PPC advertising, there are a number of options – in addition to sponsored listings that you may want to consider.

Product Listing Ads

These are Google ads that include images and they are triggered when someone searches for a particular product that you have listed in your Mechant Centre Account.

Click to Call Ads

These are becoming increasingly common as more and more users are searching with mobile devices. This ad format allows users to call your business with the click of a button.

Chat Ads

Same idea as click to call ads, but the user has the opportunity to chat instead.

Bottom of the Page Ads

Get the user’s attention, before they move on to page two in the search listing.

Mega Site Links

This format gives up to 10 additional places for the user to click which increases the likelihood that you will provide a relevant link to the user.

Social Ad Extensions

Shows who has “liked” or “+1’d” your site which leads to greater exposure and credibility.


This tracks who visits your site and then allows your ad to “follow” them on other sites which they may visit. This is a way to keep your brand front and centre.

Map/Location Ad Extensions

These display your address and telephone number as well as to advertise only to those users who are in your area.

PPC advertising has a number of advantages which we have already noted. But one of the things that marketers like best about PPC advertising is how easy it is to measure return on investment. Unlike traditional advertising, SEO or social media, PPC tools (especially AdWords) provide a whole array of metrics that allow you to see what is working and what is not. This means that you can adjust your approach and marketing budget accordingly – based on real numbers and not hunches.

Once your PPC strategy is in place, it can often be easier and less time consuming than your SEO strategy.

If your website a crucial part of your sales process (and these days, that is the case for a growing number of businesses), then PPC advertising should be considered in your marketing plan. Once you see the results, you just may consider it to be indispensable!

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