Avoid Overloading Your Website With SEO Content

Quality SEO Content

Ways to Make Content Work for Your Local Business

Your local business needs proper SEO content to stay ahead of the competition in your area. It doesn’t mean that you should focus on getting more content. You need to develop a strategy where quality content is the focus. Let’s look at a few ways to make content work for your local business.


Avoid Thin Pages

Thin pages are simply web pages with content that is not detailed but is rather shallow and less descriptive. You need to perform a quick audit and take note of any thin pages on your website. Long form content always works best because it provides all the details to your consumers under one roof. Search engines don’t like thin pages. You need to spend more time covering fewer topics but in detail instead of having blogs that cover a wide range of topics that are not related.

Provide Value To Readers

The top performing pages online are those that provide real value to users. Whether it’s a blog post or “about us” page content, you need to pay special attention to usability. Any duplicate pages with meaningless information will not perform well. Take time to write content that is not just SEO friendly but also usable.

If you don’t have the skill to write content on your own, it pays to get an SEO agency do it for you. They’ll know how to focus on readability and still come up with content that is well-optimized for search engines. Remember that the SEO content will only be effective if it shows up in relevant searches. You will not generate quality leads if the page ranks high for irrelevant searches simply because you added a bunch of keywords to your site. The main goal is not only to drive traffic to your website but also improve conversions and sales.

You Don’t Need Too Many Pages

If you have a business in different locations, you may be tempted to come up with content for each area. This will never make you rank top for certain geo targeted keywords. You can always maximize your SEO efforts by making sure your main website has long form content that caters to all locations that you serve. Instead of coming up with lazy “about us” pages that have very few words, take your time to create content that is lengthy and informative for your users.

Avoid Duplication At All Costs

Just because a piece of content performed well on a competitor site doesn’t mean you have to duplicate it word for word on your web page. You need to focus on coming up with your own helpful and unique content. Websites that manage to create content that is unique and engaging will always be ranked high on search engines.

Remember that Google will also penalize you if you duplicate content. Make sure any keywords or phrases you use are also unique. Using the same keywords across multiple pages can eventually harm your rankings. Most importantly, develop an ideal content marketing strategy ahead of time.

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