PPC - What Factors To Consider?

Ok, I’m Sold On PPC

What Factors Do I Need to Consider?

So you’ve made the decision to run a PPC campaign. Great, now what? There are a number of factors that you need to consider to help you ensure that you get the most bang for your pay-per-click buck.

Ad Title

First consider your ad title – the title tag that you use needs to capture the attention of the user – after all, you want them to click on your ad. With this in mind, you need to create a title that is catchy and/or compelling. You need to give the user a reason to click on your ad instead of the organic search results.

Landing Page

Once the user clicks on your ad, what are they going to find? In some cases perhaps it is ok that they go to your home page – but usually it is better if your ad takes the user to a well-crafted landing page. The landing page should usually be geared toward conversion (getting the user to buy from you) – if it is not, you are probably just wasting your click dollars.

Once you have created the best ad and best landing page that you possibly can, you are ready to launch your campaign. But don’t make the mistake of launching your campaign and then sitting back and putting your feet up. You still need to do continual testing to ensure that your PPC campaign is doing what it is meant to do.

Visiting Your Site Via A Mobile Device

Another factor that you should be considering is the type of experience that you will be giving to a user who is visiting your site via a mobile device. Online browsing on mobile devises is increasing at breakneck speed. It is becoming increasingly common that people are clicking on PPC ads via their mobile, not buying but then coming back later via laptop or desktop to complete their business transaction.

Or in some industries, it may be the mobile user that actually gives you your best conversion rate. Have you ever been out somewhere and Googled something like “best Indian restaurants in Citytown”? That would be a case in which a good mobile user experience would be paramount to conversion. All this of course, means that your website and your PPC landing page need to be optimized for each type of device.

An interesting feature in Google AdWords is that you can use bid modifiers to either remove your ads from mobile devices completely or to increase your bids for mobile devices. If you haven’t yet optimized your webpage and landing pages for mobile users, you may want to forgo putting PPC advertising on mobile devices until you have optimized your site.


Finally, most small to medium enterprises getting started in PPC marketing should consider geo-targeting. For businesses that serve a certain area, it makes sense to target potential customers that live in that area – if on the other hand, you have a business that ships products worldwide, then geo-targeting will be less important.

Learning to conduct an effective PPC campaign can be a huge learning curve, due to all the factors involved as well as the many tools and programs that can be used. But stick with it, because the results can be well worth the effort.

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