How To Utilize Call Tracking In Pay Per Click Campaign?

Pay Per Click Advertisers

Effectiveness of the Campaign

Pay per click advertisers can now utilize call tracking in their pay per click ad campaigns. It’s a relatively new concept that many webmasters are either not doing at all, or doing incorrectly. Unfortunately, phone calls originating from paid search advertisements aren’t always tracked. This undervalues the effectiveness of the campaign.

When a potential customer visits your landing page and calls you to learn more, you need to know how they found your site in the first place. If it’s a PPC ad, you’ll know that the campaign is effective.

Ideal call tracking metrics provide you with a more accurate understanding on ROI.

Here are some of the common mistakes businesses make when attempting to do call tracking

– Trying to adopt a call tracking tactic without strong CRM integration.

Don’t invest in call tracking software and tools unless you plan on logging the inbound calls and following up on the leads, just as you would with an email marketing campaign or social media campaign.

– Only tracking calls from certain webpages.

You need to track calls from every single page. Which page did the visitor call from? Was it the page they landed on after clicking on the PPC ad, or did they spend some time on other pages first? Having this information will give you an understanding of conversion rates.

– Running your click-to-call ads when you’re not equipped to handle the calls.

If your resources are limited and you don’t have the time and equipment to handle all calls, you shouldn’t be running the ads all the time. It’s better to not run the ads at all during non-business hours than to have the calls sent to a voice mail. The only exception is if you have a self-serving system that automates information requests and transactions.

The pay per click system will allow you to set your ads to run during the hours you specify.

– Not keeping track of the calls that result in sales.

It is important to not only track the calls themselves, but also to track the calls that lead to sales. Knowing how much the call conversions are worth will help you to figure out how to best optimize your bids.

It’s also a good idea to determine the average sale value, as understanding this data will enable you to estimate a real dollar amount for each call.

– Using dynamic numbers in the wrong places.

Not only can you specify when the call ads should display, you can specify WHERE they display. Do not use them for online directories or any type of business listing, as doing so may hurt your organic SEO.

– Treating every call as a conversion.

Just because you are getting a lot of phone calls does not mean that your calling ad campaign is successful. Yes, people are interested enough about your company to call, but that does not guarantee that they are going to make a purchase. There may be other reasons for the call such as to make a complaint or receive customer support.

Start with the right strategy and the right tools. Both Google and Bing provide advertisers with everything they need to get started. Make sure you get the best out of your call tracking and pay per click campaigns by avoiding common mistakes.

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