A Look at Intelligent Web Design Now and in the Future with AI Platforms

User-friendly Website

Platform for Web Building

Website design has evolved so much over the years that it can now be called “intelligent”. Websites are made to be as intuitive as possible for the users. These days, a site or web app that is difficult to figure out is not going to attract very many people. No matter what kind of website you run, it’s essential that you make it as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. An example of an “intelligent” website is one that is designed to detect the user’s browser and display size and will automatically resize itself to fit on the screen.

The Grid’s AI Platform

Soon, websites will become even more intelligent, thanks to a new company, The Grid, and its plan to create a proprietary AI platform for web building. In short, with this kind of platform, websites will be able to “design themselves”. While it’s not yet available to the public, the beta version of the platform will be rolled out to founding members soon.

While platforms such as WordPress and Squarespace have certainly made the process of building websites a lot easier, they still have their limitations. Ultimately, humans still do most of the decision-making.

Even after building a website and putting up live on the world wide web, it still needs to be updated. Your site must evolve as your company does. As technology advances, so must website design. The Grid’s new AI platform will help your website evolve as you provide it with more content. Even if all you have to start with is a title, image or two, and some text, the intelligent design platform will be able to organize it and make it look like an actual, full website.

Even templates could eventually become obsolete as web design becomes more intelligent. AI powered platforms use layout filters that adapt to fit the precise characteristics of your content. Instead of having to change or edit the template, you would simply have to change the layout filter.

Why Intelligent Web Design is Important

When you don’t have to spend as much time making changes, editing content, tweaking layouts, etc…, you can get more things done. An intelligent UI will also make things easier for designers and developers themselves since less work and coding will need to be done. Think of how annoying it is whenever you try to program a single function or design element, and it just doesn’t turn out right. With UIs becoming more and more intuitive, annoying situations such as these are occurring less and less.

Intelligent web design is also important for the sake of visitors. It’s easier for them to interact with your site when your site is designed to be intuitive. In contrast, when a layout is sloppy and a website is disorganized, the bounce rate is high. Nobody wants to stay on a sloppy site that doesn’t work right.

Future of Web Design

Even though web design is becoming increasingly intuitive and The Grid’s AI platform is being created to automate the process, there is no reason to believe that designers themselves will be out of jobs. There will always be companies and entrepreneurs who want the services of actual humans.

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