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Trends In Website Marketing That Have Staying Power

Every day it seems like there is a new website marketing strategy that emerges. Some of these new website marketing strategies fail before they ever get off the ground while others start strong and then fizzle (remember when everyone was using QR codes?). Still others seem to have more staying power and are about to become the next big thing in marketing. How do you know which is which? The truth is that it can be a bit of a guess albeit and educated one. Here are a few trends that we think have staying power.

Connected Devices

Even televisions are now “smart” and some have suggested that cars and refrigerators are not far behind.

Never before have businesses had such an open window into the lives of their customers. And the businesses that are able to best capitalize on that window in order to drive traffic to their website will have a huge advantage in the years to come.

Content Marketing

Ok so this is not exactly a new trend, but the importance of content marketing has never been greater. The advent of social media has created a much more engaged breed of customer. No longer is your customer content to sit passively and merely receive the messages you want to send to them. Today’s customer actually wants to interact with business in a two-way dialogue. And they want to know that you are listening.
It is estimated that content marketing produces 3 times more leads than other forms of marketing. If this estimate is even half accurate, this trend is not going away.

Sponsored Content

Who would you trust more for accurate information? A business that is clearly trying to sell its products or a business that has supplied an article to a professional journal or news source for the purpose of providing information?
If you’re like most people, you would trust the second source more. And therein lies the beauty of sponsored content. Sponsored content can take a number of forms but essentially what it does is it gets your name out of the “I’m just trying to sell something room” and into the “I’m a professional and I want to provide information room”.
Sponsored content allows your potential customers to see you in a different environment. It helps to establish you as an expert in your field and it increases the chance that that person will eventually become a customer of your business.


Want to increase your online presence? There’s an app for that! Banks, clothing stores and coffee shops are all getting in on the app action. And there is still lots of opportunity for businesses to take part in this technology that can engage customers and future customers in unique ways. Just make sure it makes sense for your particular business before jumping on the app bandwagon.

Think some of these trends might be a good fit for your business? Let us help you determine that!

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