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Do SEO Companies Really Have Special Relationships With the Search Engines?

Google and Yahoo on Speed Dial

Have you ever had a call or an email from an SEO company who claimed to have a special relationship and search engines? Some companies think they can pull one over on customers and convince them that they’ve got an in with Google and that Yahoo has them on speed dial. As magical as it sounds it’s nothing but a lie.

The top search engines have great reputations for being fair. They follow their own strict guidelines in determining how sites rank. Their spiders are sent out at random to look for very specific information within each site. In no way are their rankings modified or prioritized according to relationships they may have with other companies.

Special Relationship with Search Engines

When an SEO company claims have a special relationship with search engines it’s likely that they simply have sponsored pay per click (PPC) ads and are looking to resell them at a profit. There is no way to buy your way up the rankings of a search engine’s natural results.

Anyone can purchase PPC ads and they are pretty simple to put together. Pay per click ads are sold in an auction style. When you create your ad you bid on how much you would like to spend per click. The more you are willing to spend the more often your ad will appear. If someone clicks your ad they will be redirected to your website and you will be charged for the amount of your bid.

This type of advertising generates traffic almost immediately which is why it is popular among many companies. The other plus of PPC ads is that you’re able to generate targeted traffic. If you want to reach customers looking for red button-down sweaters you can do just that. There is no limit to who you can reach and how often you can be seen, as long as you are willing to invest the money.

When an SEO company claims to have a special relationship with a search engine chances are they are trying to sell you PPC ad spaces. And while using PPC can be a great strategy for your business, you should not get it confused with SEO.

Are SEO companies helpful in getting your site noticed? Absolutely, but it is important to work with one who is upfront with you. SEO companies offer a wide range of services to help optimize your site. As a business owner these are services that can be extremely beneficial to your company’s growth. In choosing a company that will meet all of your needs, you should look at companies that are willing to explain any products or strategies that they recommend.

SEO companies who claim to have special relationships with search engines do so simply for marketing purposes. There is no truth behind this statement and companies that claim this should not be trusted because they are being untruthful. If you are in the market for a SEO company and you come across one making these claims you should politely decline their services and find a different company to entrust your site to.

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