What Is Google AdWords And Why Should I Use It?

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Simply put, Google AdWords is the tool that Google uses for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising – and as the most widely used search engine in North America, if you want to use PPC marketing, you want to use Google AdWords.

So what is so special about AdWords? There are a number of benefits which we will go through point by point.

Scalability Of AdWords

First of all it is scalable – this means that if you create an ad that is highly effective, converting users and improving your bottom line, there is no reason to cap your marketing campaign budget. The scalability of AdWords is one of the main reasons that some businesses spend millions of dollars on AdWords every year.

Measuring AdWords Success

Secondly, it is easy to measure your AdWords success – in fact, compared to other online PPC tools, AdWords is one of the easiest to measure. AdWords provides a whole array of metrics that allow you to see what is working and what is not. This means that you can adjust your approach and marketing budget accordingly – based on real numbers and not hunches.

AdWords is also highly customizable. You can target (hyper-target in fact!) the audience of your choice based on a number of factors including keyword match types, by geographic location, language, type of device they are using and even by the time of day that they are searching.

And, since Google has a number of highly popular partner sites such as Gmail and YouTube, Google AdWords ads can be displayed on those sites as well.

Add to this the fact that AdWords can be fairly inexpensive to get started (Google routinely offers deals to new advertisers), and it makes for a fairly comfortable entry point into the world of PPC advertising.

Effective Tool

But perhaps the most compelling reason to use AdWords is that it works! AdWords accounts for 97% percent of Google’s revenue and as a result they commit a lot of their resources toward making sure that it’s an effective tool.

This can be a frustration for webmasters who rely solely on SEO, because sponsored listings (PPC advertisements) now getting billing ahead of organic searches. And people are clicking on them – in fact, sponsored ads account for nearly 65% of clicks on the first page in cases where the user is looking to make a purchase.

Remarketing Marketing Plan

AdWords is also easy to incorporate with the rest of your marketing plan in terms of remarketing. With AdWords, it is a relatively simple task to track users via cookies who have visited your website. Your PPC ad will then appear on other websites such as Kijiji, or other message boards and blogs. This will help to keep your brand front and centre.

Finally, you need to be using AdWords to keep up with the competition. If your competitors are not already using AdWords, they will be soon. So at some point, you’ll probably have to start using AdWords to stay competitive.

In recent years, Google has made a number of improvements and bells and whistles to AdWords. These include product listings as well as in-video ads on YouTube. These options mean more choices for advertisers, more clicks on ads and more revenue for Google – and hopefully for your as well.

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