Ignore Best SEO Company Lists

Why Should I Ignore Best SEO Company Lists?

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So you’ve decided to hire an SEO company. You do a search, and discover a list of search results that is so long that you don’t know where to start. How do you determine which company is the best SEO company for your business? On a whim you go back to the search engine and type “best SEO company.” When you do this, you notice one of the links says “Best SEO Company List”. Could this be for real? You wonder, has someone really done the work of finding the best SEO company for me?

Ignore These So-call Best SEO Company

The truth is that you should ignore these so-call Best SEO Company lists because they are in actuality, meaningless. A number of these lists exist and they are all run by private companies. If an SEO company want to get on these lists, they must pay for that right. There is no other criteria – so who is to say if they are actually “the best”.

Now there are a lot of legitimate directories, that businesses pay to be on – but one that claims to offer only the best companies when the only criteria is that they paid to be there is pretty shady in our opinion.

So if you can’t trust the “Best SEO Company” lists, what can you rely on to make your hiring decision?

Well, hiring an SEO company is much like hiring any other contractor for your business. It is important to determine what exactly it is that you want from them and how you will measure your success. And then you have to do your homework before selecting which companies you are going to put through an interview process.

It is a good idea to talk to a few companies and get a sense of the kind of work they do; whether they focus on a particular niche market; and the level of their expertise. Dealing with local search engine optimization experts also has some big advantages over non-local companies because they should have a better sense of the area and any specific keywords that customers in your area may be searching.

You will definitely want to see case studies of work that they have done and what it has meant to the customers bottom lines as far as increasing revenue, broadening their customer base etc.

If you are looking for the SEO company to come back to you with a proposal, it is likely that you will have to give them several days to do so as they will have to do a fair bit of research before coming back to you. If the SEO company says they don’t have to do any research, it might be a signal that they are lacking in experience.

Finally, you will want to get and check references from happy customers. If you are able to pick up the telephone and speak to two or three clients and learn about their experiences, that is much more valuable than any list.

So rather than rely on list that SEO companies have purchased a spot on, do your own due diligence and go through a proper contracting process to make sure the company you choose really is the best SEO company for your business.

And if the company that you finally choose just happens to be on one of those lists that’s ok too – it just shouldn’t be your criteria for hiring them.

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