Why Consider Bing for SEO Strategy?

Search Engine On The Rise

Smart SEO Strategy

The most important reason why you should consider Bing in your SEO strategy is simply that it’s a search engine that is on the rise. Powering Yahoo, it is rated the second biggest search engine in the US, and is the most popular search engine in the UK. So with Google on the decline, and Bing growing in popularity every year, factoring it into your SEO strategy is going to be an increasingly smart move.

Why Bing?

First of all, it offers opportunities with different demographics than the other major search engines. Research has been conducted on which engines resonate with different types of people, taking age, income, political biases, and household size into account. So depending on your target demographic, Bing might be a better option for your website to align with than other engines. Or, perhaps, it makes sense for your site to consider adding it to the list of search engines that you strategize for.

What makes it different?

Bing is forthcoming about the algorithms it employs for its searches. Finding information on what is going to make this engine work for you and your website is easy. What might work for one search engine might not work for another, meaning that by tailoring your site to a specific search engine’s standards, you could be reaching a wider audience.

What you should be doing.

Bing is interested in many of the same things as the other major search engines. Since SEO is about more than just good content, it’s good to know how your can optimize all the components of your website as part of your overall SEO strategy. You’ll need to provide good, original content, with titles that reflect the content accurately. The age of your domain name is significant as well. Longevity proves to be an important quality, so purchasing an old domain name, or sticking with your current one rather than ditching it for a new one, is wise. While this search engine is not particularly concerned with blogging, it does take into account how many social media shares and links your site has. Those numbers reflect your site’s success with readers, so that gets factored into its SEO.

What you should avoid

Some things that should not be part of your SEO strategy are spam and schemes that pad your website with inauthentic data. Buying Twitter followers or Facebook shares is not the right way to get to the top of the search engine page. Spamming your page with fake followers is not going to go unnoticed by any major search engine, and it will cause negative results. Over-use of keywords will do the same. Search engines also frown upon unoriginal content, so many sure everything you post is unique and new.

Being aware of how it operates will help to provide your company with opportunities. It is growing in its use, and its popularity with demographics that differ from the other engines opens up new market territory. By including Bing in your SEO strategy, you will be opening doors for your website, and your business over all.

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