Is Your Page Considered Low-Quality By Google

Effective SEO Strategies

Web Page Quality

There are certain factors that Google checks to determine if your page is high or low quality. Understanding these aspects will help you to make significant changes that boost overall site performance by using effective strategies in SEO Toronto. Search engines look at factors such as page load speed and searcher behavior in order to weigh the quality of the page. We’ll look at this in more detail below.


First and foremost, Google wants to ensure that they present the best content to searchers. The best content in this case is unique, relevant and credible. Search engines want to ensure that the content on the page provides valuable information to its users. To improve your content, come up with a strategy that is focused more on important topics instead of keywords.


Search engines want to see if there are a lot of external sources that are linking to your page. This is a sign that your website has high quality content and that’s why it is reference-worthy. However, don’t just focus on the number of backlinks. Remember that their quality is far much more important. High quality domains and pages should be linking to your site. You also need to improve your internal links and provide content that answers the searchers’ queries.

Page Load Speed

Google also looks at the page load speed as a key factor when weighing its quality. If the page takes too long to load, most users will click away and choose a different search result. This means that it did not answer the user’s query and hence will not appear often on similar queries. The result will be moved down as it is perceived as low quality by Google simply due to its slow loading speed.

Mobile Responsiveness

Google wants to see web pages that are accessible for mobile, tablet and desktop searches. If your site is not mobile friendly, you risk losing out on traffic. This is because Google places special importance on user experience and with a spike in mobile traffic in recent years, every SEO company in Toronto is insisting on responsive web pages.

Proper Grammar And Spellings

This may come as a surprise but indeed Google wants to ensure that the web pages that it favors have proper grammar and well-spelled content. If you want your pages to appear on featured snippets, the grammar and spelling must be perfect. Take time to review your pieces of content before publishing to ensure it’s up to standard.

ALT Attributes On Non-Text Content

If you have non-text content on the page such as images make sure you use alt attributes. For videos, you need to provide transcripts below so that users can access the content without having to listen to the video.

Well-Organized Content

The way you present the content on your web page is also important to Google. The search engine wants to ensure the page’s content is easy to consume, readable and understandable.

External Links

Pages that have content which points to additional sources are also regarded highly by Google. It’s a way of building credibility and making sure users get as much information as possible on a subject topic.

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