Professional Looking Websites Are Crucial To Your Business

Online Businesses

How to Drive Sales?

To an online business, the website is the one resource where they can give their customers and potential clients an impression of the brand. Online businesses don’t have the advantage of investing in the best interior design and other physical items that can make a business stand out like what most brick and mortar stores do. All they have is their website. If your website doesn’t look the part, it’s hard to convince online customers that you can live up to your word. That’s why you need to ensure your website has a professional look and feel. Customers will remain sceptical about your business’s credibility and quality if the website is not properly designed. In fact, having a professional website can help you drive sales and improve your online presence massively as we shall see in the statistics below.

94% of website visitors form an impression of your brand based on your website design.

This gives you a huge opportunity to make a remarkable impression by simply working on your website design. Making sure all your landing pages portray a neat look will help to increase conversion rates by establishing trust and credibility.

Research shows that 94% of people cited the reason for rejecting a business or mistrusting it lies on their design.

This further emphasizes the fact that your landing page design can be crucial in helping to establish trust especially for new organizations. Small business owners also need to pay attention to their landing pages.

38% of website users will exit the website if they find the content or layout unattractive.

This goes on to show how important it is to ensure that the information you provide on your website is valuable and well-presented. Businesses that have complex website layouts risk losing potential customers or having issues like high bounce rates that affect their search rankings. It is important to focus on providing value and a user-friendly website design that keeps customers on the web pages for longer.

It takes 50 milliseconds for online visitors to decide whether to leave or stay on your website.

This means that you have to invest in proper graphic elements that capture the user’s’ attention within the first few seconds. Websites that use too much flash or have too many pop-up ads are known to chase users immediately. Invest in a web design that appeals to your users within the shortest time possible.

59% of web users will only engage on content that is beautifully designed.

You may have the most valuable information shared on your website but because it’s poorly presented, no one engages with it. If you don’t receive any comments, shares or feedback on the content you’ve shared on your website, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate the design. Investing in a web design that is beautiful, simple and user friendly will not only affect conversions but help to boost trust and credibility of your brand. Ask a professional web designer to review your site today and make changes that will improve your bottom line.

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