Working With An SEO Company In Toronto For Google News Search Results

Google News Search Results

SEO Company in Toronto

You might want to look for an SEO company in Toronto that offers press releases as part of its strategy, now that Google allows company statements and press releases in its news links rankings. This is a recent change that was not announced publically. In September, users tried searching for the latest news about certain companies, and found the companies’ mission statements at the top of the results.

Prior to this, only links to stories on official news sites, such as those of TV stations and newspapers, would appear on the front page of the search results. After inquiries, a Google spokesperson said that the search engine broadened the number of sources from which it acquired entries in the news section of the search results pages.

Traffic Loss in News Websites

There is some concern that this new change will cause a traffic loss in news websites, and that actual news will be downplayed if the first thing a user sees is a press release or company statement. It could pose a risk to news publishers that rely on Google to direct readers to their sites.

However, this may be good news for small companies that are struggling in a saturated market, as it provides them with more opportunities to appear in search results. YOUR company might be able to benefit if you have a well-written, search engine optimized company statement and/or press release.

Writing Press Releases for SEO

To increase the chances of your press release showing up in Google’s news search results, do the following:


– Make sure your press release really is newsworthy. It could be an announcement of a new product, new promotion, new membership options, etc. Many online businesses make the mistake of writing a press release over every little thing, most of which isn’t newsworthy at all. Don’t make this mistake.


– Determine the best keyword phrases for your announcement. Use a keyword tool to help you find the correct terms. However, you do not want to use them too often in the press release. Their appearance should be natural.


– Keep the headline very short. Long headlines do not belong in press releases. Use a short keyword phrase – no more than three words. Avoid using adjectives. Use as few words as possible to get your point across.


– When using anchor text hyperlinks in the announcement, make sure they reflect back to the appropriate page on your site. For example, if you are announcing a new promotional offer for women’s t-shirts, you will want to link to the women’s t-shirts section of your site.


– Don’t mass submit the announcement to PR syndication sites, as Google looks down on this practice. If you must submit it to any, at least make sure it is formatted properly.


Keep in mind that any ole’ press release won’t make it on the front page of news search results. You will have an advantage if your company is already established.

As for the company mission statement, you will want it to be fluff-free, just like the PR. Be as specific as possible and keep it as short as possible.

Working with an SEO company in Toronto with press release experience is ideal, since they have the knowledge and expertise to do everything the right way.

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