Bolding And/Or Italicizing Keywords

How Do I Effectively Use Typography?

An important rule of thumb when it comes to keywords and keyword phrases is placement. The best place to utilize your keywords and relevant phrases are in the beginning of your copy. You also want to place your keywords within titles because these will be shown in search engine results. As for the remaining parts of your copy you want to use keywords only when it makes sense to.

Bolding or Italicizing Keywords

Bolding or italicizing keywords and keyword phrases does not necessarily help or harm your SEO. Search engines spiders are tactical little creatures that know exactly what they’re looking for and aren’t swayed by bolder text, larger text or prettier text. They are simply looking for good copy with great use of keywords.

Believe it or not, it is actually possible to overuse keywords and keyword phrases. When you overdo it your page will look like SEO exploded all over it and search engine spiders will take offense to the fact that you are desperately trying to get their attention. Yes, you can actually drop in rankings if you overuse SEO tools.

Mastering SEO is about utilizing each tool to the best of its ability yet not using too much of each one. The best optimizers don’t get caught up in the hype of new and unused tactics. They stick with what the top search engines like to see; a quality site with quality content and user popularity.

Don’t worry about the specific placement of your keywords within the main body of your text. Keep your customers and readers in mind at all times. Your reader doesn’t want to see the words “pet food” in every sentence. They want to read quality content that doesn’t reek of SEO. After all, your website’s content is for them and their benefit.

If it seems natural that you would have one of your keyword phrases in a headline then that’s right where it needs to be, but if using them makes your copy awkward as if you are rambling on then leave them out. As much as you want the search engines to like you, you don’t need to overlook the importance of providing your customers with helpful copy. Do what is natural. Place keywords only where appropriate and write engaging headlines that appeal to your buyers.

SEO is an art and is something that you will need to work on regularly. So, if this month’s set of keywords and keyword phrases don’t bring in the customer base you’re looking for you always have next month to add new blog posts and get new keywords and keyword phrases on your site for Google to see.

There’s really no way to permanently damage your site’s SEO reputation (other than cheating, of course!). When you see that something is working for you, you should stick with it. When something else isn’t getting you the results you want, you either need to tweak it or focus more on what is working. Remember that something as simple as bolding or italicizing keywords is not going to boost your sites ranking. It’s all about quality content – not how you display it.

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