Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Ecommerce Solution Company

Ecommerce Solution Company

Online Marketplace Competition

If you want to launch your business into the online marketplace competition (or improve how your business is doing in that area), you are going to need quality web development and ecommerce solutions. Not only do you need a first rate website for your internet store, you will also need a solid online marketing strategy. This means that you must be careful with who you choose to work with. Don’t just go with any ecommerce solution company – go with the RIGHT one.

Finding the right company for your ecommerce needs is a matter of knowing which questions to ask:

Can You Show Me Examples of Your Work?

A portfolio of website templates isn’t enough – the ideal company will also provide you with URLs of websites they helped to develop. Visit these websites and check for professionalism. Are the sites easy to navigate? Do they have a fast loading time? Is everything organized nicely or is it sloppy? Do all of the sites have the same generic template, or do they have unique designs? Personal preference is also something to consider. Do you actually LIKE the layouts on these sites? Does the company’s style look like a good fit for your own site?

How Does Your Company Measure Results?

The right company should be able to increase your market value. Ask how they define their results, whether in terms of higher repeat traffic, lower bounce rates, conversions, sales, etc. Try to find out if any previous clients have published and verified their results.

What Kind of Technology Experience Does Your Team Have?

Find out what platforms and modules the company uses for the internet stores they build. They should be proficient in a variety of programming languages, including Java, PHP, Python, etc. Find out what kind of technical solution(s) they would recommend for your ecommerce requirements. The ideal company is honest about the pros and cons of the technologies it uses.

How Will You Keep Me Updated on The Progress of My Website Development?

Communication is extremely important. In addition to keeping you updated, the company you choose should be available to answer any questions or comments you have. Ask what kind of communication methods they prefer: Skype, email, Google Talk, etc. You shouldn’t have to wait around all day and night for a simple answer to a question. The team members you interact with should be friendly and open.

Will You Make My Internet Store Run Smoothly on Any Device?

These days, mobile solutions are an important part of ecommerce strategies. In order to reach out to every potential buyer, your site needs to run on any type of PC, smartphone, tablet, multimedia player, etc. Also, don’t forget that most people have browser preferences. Your site should be designed to offer a user-friendly experience on every browser.

What Kind of Marketing Solutions Do You Have in Mind For My Business?

Part of developing and running an ecommerce site is utilizing an SEO strategy. A good company will come up with a marketing strategy that suits your business goals, both in the short term and long term. Ask about a company’s ideas for YOUR internet store before deciding on whether or not you want to hire them.

How Are Your Services Priced?

Have the ecommerce solution company you are interested in give you a clear understanding of what you will be paying for. Some companies offer packages at varying prices, while others charge by the hour. If they do charge by the hour, then they should be able to provide you with an estimated number of hours it will take to provide the services your business requires. You shouldn’t hire a company based on price alone, but you should not sign any contracts before you fully understand the pricing structure.

Keep these questions on hand when you speak to any ecommerce solution company. The ideal company will be able to provide you with satisfactory answers to all of them.

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