How To Design A Website That Generates Conversion

Good Web Design

Obtaine Increased Conversions

good web design is important but it has no value if end users do not convert. Websites have become a place where companies display their products and services, interact with clients and reach out to a larger audience. Using your website, you can generate leads and customers to significantly grow your business. There are companies that have made simple changes in their web design and obtained increased conversions. Therefore, your web design should not just be limited to beauty. You need to focus on elements that will help you to generate more leads and greater conversions. We’ll narrow down a few of them in the paragraphs below.

Research On Design Template/Theme

If you’re yet to design your website or are considering a redesign, take time to choose a template that works for your type of business. It pays to look at what your competitors or other successful websites have used. Think of it from a conversions point of view not just the aesthetics. Ensure that the template you choose complements your brand image and the goals you want to achieve as a business. Make sure that it would be easy to implement SEO using the theme you choose. This will help you to achieve top rankings with less effort.

Take Time To Choose The Right Colors

Colors don’t just have to play a key role in the design or beauty of your website, they evoke emotions which can significantly hinder conversion rates. When selecting a color for your website design, try and research on the impact of colors on human psychology. For instance, colors like red are not recommended for financial websites. You also need to be keen on the colors you choose for different elements like the call to action buttons on your website. Use different tools and resources online when selecting a good color scheme for your website.

Study The Latest Trends

There are new trends in web design each year and you need to be aware of them and understand how each will impact conversions. Focus on the trends that are actually proven to boost conversion rates. Sometimes clients don’t really understand the importance of keeping elements in a certain way so you need to be ready to explain how this will affect their conversions.

Place All Your CTAs Strategically

Call To Action placement is a key factor that will influence conversions. First and foremost, the CTA has to be properly designed using the right colors, shape, font and size. Secondly, the CTA button should be placed strategically on the website. If you are designing a landing page, you can test where the CTA button works best by placing it above the fold, below the fold or at the bottom of the page in three different versions of the page. A/B testing really helps you to understand what resonates best with your audience.

Focus On Usability

A great web design is one that offers the best user experience. Work with a SEO company on how to optimize your web pages and still provide users with the best experience. No matter how beautiful your website is, if users find it a headache to navigate or access its pages, you’ll not achieve the kind of conversions you expect. Take time to review the site’s functionality as it will impact on your conversion rates.

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