Understanding The Veried Social Media Platforms And Their Following

Social Media Platforms

Engage And Meet The Online Audience

Social media has grown to become an important sphere especially for those organizations seeking to engage and meet the online audience. It is in social media platforms that conversations are held and many of the targeted markets found. It is however important to note that social media platforms avail slightly varied audiences platform by platform. This is particularly defined by the distinct features each social media platform offers. Understanding these differences will allow businesses to know where to get their audiences and how to best tailor the messages intended for use in the respective platforms.

1. Find Professionals On Linkedin

LinkedIn has earned its place as the premier networking site for professionals. It is where working professionals and experts interact and with the introduction of content generation, it is where they seek expert advice. For businesses seeking to promote products and services to a career focused audience, this platform offers a unique characteristic. It allows the organization to communicate the complex and industry specific ideas and concepts. LinkedIn has become a preferred platform to promote brand recognition.

2. Get Urban Residents On Twitter

Twitter is designed for the fast paced delivery of news. With 80% of the users there using the platform for news consumption, it is well suited for urban dwellers and the short and precise format makes going viral easy because uptake is easier. Much of the company effort is in content creation.

3. Facebook For The Young Generation

Facebook user demographics indicate the majority of users who spend most time there are the youth. It suits those with businesses of fast moving consumer goods. It is a platform that allows great user engagement though it has proven poor for those working with luxury goods. It also allows better audience targeting and the engagement offers a chance for building relationships.

4. Use Visual Appeal Of Pinterest

Pinterest offers the greatest chance for using images. This is more suitable for businesses which need to demonstrate their services. With Pinterest set to join the top tier social media networks this is a good platform to get into. Over 72 percent of the audience is female which makes it great for those selling feminine products. The other advantage is that visual posts appeal to both the older and younger generation making it a platform for products cutting across the age demographics. Those working with galleries and quality pictures will find greater reception here.

5. Tumbler’ Self Expressionists

Tumbler has created more opportunities for those who thrive in discussions. It is mostly used by the young generation and it is a great platform to initiate conversations around your industry trends and brand. Much of the rest is done by the audience itself. It allows you to create a connection with the audience facilitating an easier way to build relationships with the young generation.

All these platforms require a tailored message that makes the most of their unique characteristics. When well delivered, the audience itself carries the conversation.

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