What Can I Do To Reduce My Bounce Rate?

The Percentage of Single Page Visits

Reasons Why People Leave Your Site in Without Doing Anything

No matter how great you think your online store might be, you’re not going to make any money if people don’t spend very much time exploring your site. The bounce rate refers to the number of people who leave your site in a hurry without doing anything. Google defines it as “the percentage of single page visits”. It’s in your best interest to reduce this rate so that people will stay, view more than a single page, and (hopefully) buy something. If you have a high bounce rate, then there may be something on your landing page that is turning people away very quickly. Reasons could be anything from a long-loading time to wrong choice of a colour scheme.

Here are some measures you can take to reduce the bounce rate:

– Determine how the behaviour of visitors who stay and move deep into the site compares to those visitors who leave quickly. Are they using different browsers? Different platforms? Are they using different search terms to find your site? If they are using different browsers or devices, you might want to redo your site so that it is compatible on all platforms, including smartphones. If there is a certain keyword that the visitors with a high bounce rate are using, come up with another keyword or build a landing page that better reflects that keyword.

– If your conversion (sales) rate is very low, you might need to take a step back and re-evaluate your entire message. What your message is conveying might not be what people are looking for. Additional market research may be required. You need to understand who your customers are and what they are looking for, and make sure your website offers the answers they seek.

– Make sure your site is as user-friendly as possible. Maybe the reason why so many people don’t stay is because the site crashes their browsers. Or perhaps they have trouble finding whatever it is they’re looking for. How easy is your site to navigate? Is the search function intuitive? Is everything organized?

– Implement social logins on your site. Instead of having people creating a username and password just for your site, let them login to your site via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. This will benefit you as well as them since you won’t have to worry about them forgetting their password every time they visit your site.

– There should be nothing that disrupts their experience on your page. People can get very annoyed with popups, so don’t either don’t use them, or limit their use to very specific purposes. Other distractions you will want to cut out are videos and/or audio that automatically start playing. People don’t want ads or commercial videos forced on them. They will close out the browser almost immediately.

– Is all of your content segmented properly? While you do want to give visitors answers to their questions and solutions to their problem, you shouldn’t do it all in one spot. Group content into categories or segments. Split long posts up into multiple pages.

If you’re having trouble figuring out why your site has a high bounce rate, your first priority should be 

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